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Vitiligo is a skin disease causing blotches and is formed due to the absence of melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment that protects the skin from Sun’s UV A and UV B exposure, which can be harmful to the skin. It is the pigment responsible for skin coloration. When pigment-producing cells die or stop functioning, the skin does not get its coloration looking whitish and palish blotches called vitiligo.

Dropping of skin color can affect any part of the body, including the mouth, hair, and eyes. It may be more noticeable in people with darker skin tint. In a few patients, it is also noticed by premature hair whitening.

Dr. Praneeth Skin. Hair. Laser Clinic offer you the best solution for Vitiligo treatment in Hyderabad bring you the best resuut for vitiligo under the observation of Dr.Praneeth , a professional vitiligo specialist in Hyderabad and any other abnormalities in the skin to make you better.


Types of Vitiligo

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Light therapy or Phototherapy for Vitiligo

Dr.Praneeth’s clinic serves patients with treatments such as Phototherapy for skin diseases
Phototherapy for skin diseases is a way to cure skin ailments with the help of light. It is performed by radiating a certain amount of UV wavelength that can help the skin improve its patches on the surface. A ray of UV light is passed on top of the vitiligo-affected skin according to the skin type. It gives back the skin the color and it also specializes in being painless. This procedure is finished in an hour or two. But prior to the treatment we go through a proper diagnosis of the severity of the disease and recommend the number of sittings accordingly.
Light therapy for vitiligo has also been implied as a passive improvement but is very effective for vitiligo. For the improvement of blotches and the overall skin, light therapy is performed two or three times a week to usually help activate the skin pigment and rebuild the cells of the damaged area of the skin. Once the pigment-producing cells become active, melanin restores the skin coloration, thereby removing the white patches with help of the direct UV rays exposure. Since it is a painless procedure, further sittings for the treatment can be closer or as recommended by the doctor.



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