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Radiofrequency cautery treatment

What is Radiofrequency Cautery?

Radiofrequency cautery treatment is a technique that involves the passage of high radiofrequency waves through skin to cut, remove skin, or coagulate. This treatment is performed only by doctors and surgeons. This kind of treatment will also help to remove harmful tissues.

Radiofrequency Best suited for:

There are many procedures that are good for skin-related issues. Radiofrequency cautery treatment is best suited for such treatments that involve removing moles, skin tags, and warts. Since radiofrequency treatment causes skin to be lifted and tightened, it is frequently used for loose skin, fine lines, cellulite, double chin treatment and more.

How Radiofrequency treatment Works?

Like most treatments of the skin, heat is involved in this one too! The procedure involves heating the layers of the skin, which makes the cells turn over, resulting in thicker skin and firmer skin that is more youthful. The skin is heated up to a bearable temperature of 38–40 degrees Celsius. The surgeon uses a hand piece with an active electrode to transmit the radiofrequency waves through the layer of skin.

Eligible persons for the treatment:

This radiofrequency cautery treatment is an FDA-approved treatment that is non-surgical, safe, and painless, which is why it is the best treatment for skin tightening. Only people who have broken blood vessels and rosacea are requested to avoid this treatment. In addition, women who are breast-feeding and pregnant are also prohibited from taking such treatments.

What you can expect during the Radio frequency cautery for warts:

Warts are small, irritating skin growths that commonly appear in the outer layer of the skin. They are seen on the feet, face, legs, and even the genitals. Only the dermatologist can determine how the wart is to be removed depending on where it is seen on the skin. Warts are removed in many ways. Sometimes traditional methods are used, and sometimes lasers are used. Mild discomfort, skin redness, peeling, and burning are experienced during and after the removal process.


While you are undergoing wart removal, one should make sure that they don’t touch and scratch the wounds as it would cause infection and the wounds could bleed and also the hands could get contaminated.

Side Effects

While you are undergoing wart removal, one should make sure that they don’t touch and scratch the wounds as it would cause infection and the wounds could bleed and also the hands could get contaminated.

Post Treatment Guidelines:

Here are a few guidelines to be followed after the radio frequency cautery for warts:

What is the cost of Treatment?

Radiofrequency cautery for warts and mole removal uses radio frequency to heat and destroy the tissue. This method is best for removal of warts, moles, and skin tags. Radiofrequency cautery is more affordable than any other method in India. Normally in India the treatment ranges between 1-2 lakhs.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

When a patient undergoes radiofrequency cautery for warts or mole removal, the results last for about a year if the skin is properly taken care of. If the treatment continues, the results will last longer and depend on the frequency of the treatments. The doctor is the right person to determine how many treatments are needed for the patients and how often the treatments should be performed.

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Usually, skin tags do not grow back after removal. There may be other skin tags that can develop in the same area because of friction. Friction of necklaces with skin causes skin tags in the neck area. Another common place for these skin tags is the arms because of the friction. It’s a general notion that skin tags occur in people who are overweight or obese, and when they tend to lose weight, skin tags develop.

Usually, skin tag removal is an expensive treatment, and the doctor may charge anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000 to remove a single skin tag. Depending on the size of the skin tag, the price for the removal is determined. Special lasers are used for skin tag removals, and the area is numbed first, and then, with the help of the laser, the tag is removed. A tiny wound that needs to heal is seen.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or rescue from warts. There may be many ways to remove them and reduce their appearance and spread, but there is no escaping them. Some warts clear up in a year or two on their own without any treatment. Warts found in children resolve more readily than those found in adults. The virus that causes warts cannot be cured, it can only be removed.