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Dermatology & Venereology

Skin being the major and most visible part of the body, damage to the skin can cause physical damage and changes the skin presence. The basic functionality of the skin is to protect our body from the foreign environment and regulate our body to stay at a controlled temperature. Even though the skin is the largest organ of our body, it is still the most vulnerable organ. The infections can just merely start from climate change, excess moisture, intake of medicine, dust allergies because of the air, and many more. They do not just damage the skin, but also cause physical pain which may become unbearable in some circumstances.

If this is one part of the dermatology, the other section consists of the cases where people want to refresh their skin, remove any marks, warts, stretched skin, hyperpigmentation, and other beauty-related problems just to make themselves better looking. Dr.Praneeth is famous for clinical dermatology & venereology.


Dermatology is an intersection of the above cases and dermatologists wholly dedicate themselves to research about new diseases and their treatment procedures and upgrade the existing procedures in order to provide the patient a comfortable, quick treatment that does not have/has very less amount of side effects combined with quick recovery time.

Treatment for your skin-related problems will be much simpler at our clinic, with our forever-developing advanced dermatology techniques, and in association with our highly qualified and interactive doctor and staff, we provide you the best suggestions needed for your skin-related problems with our rightly prescribed medication. Dr. Praneeth’s skin clinic is the best clinical dermatology & venereology clinic when it comes to the techniques we use to treat. Our dermatologists aim to analyze the exact cause, the severity of the infection is found, and then give the needed treatment to treat the infection.

    In association with our highly qualified and interactive doctors who are experts in clinical dermatology & Venereology led by Dr. Praneeth Kumar Reddy, we provide you with the best suggestions needed for your skin-related problems with our rightly prescribed medication. Dr. Praneeth Skin Hair Laser  clinic is the best dermatology and venereology clinic when it comes to the techniques we use to treat, the interaction with the patients. We aim for the fast revival and satisfaction of our patients 

We provide comprehensive treatments for

Clinical Venereology

Dr.Praneeth’s  Skin Clinic is one of the best venerology clinics in Hyderabad. Having sophisticated equipment and professional venerologists, we offer the best treatment options to the patients who are suffering with infectious diseases related to skin.

Our treatment techniques/methods offer the patient a fastest recovery to their problems without any/minimal side effects and minimal pain. Our doctors are experienced in treating patients having skin related problems.  

Our doctors are experienced in clinical venerology and they aim to identify the skin problem through required tests, analysing the problem and diagnose them with the required treatment. Currently we are offering treatments for:


The treatments we use differ according to the disease where we use laser treatment, MNRF, YAG laser treatment, drug-based injections, Lower Laser Light Therapy treatment to cure many skin diseases related to skin and scalp.