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Laser Tonning Treatment

What is Laser Toning Treatment?

Laser toning treatment is cosmetic method done under the guidance of a certified dermatologist to help the damaged skin. Toning treatment helps the skin suffering from pigmentation and other skin aging problems to regain its vitality and achieve a wrinkle-free, acne-free, and flawless skin complexion. The procedure encourages collagen production which in turn makes the skin tighter giving a younger look.

Laser toning treatment is particularly well-known for dealing with skin situations, such as acne blotches, and wrinkles. The laser beam of the treatment enhances collagen production, which largely comprises of amino acids and vitamin c that gives a younger looking skin. Since Laser treatment radiates brightness and gives a fairer, flawless complexion, it is very popular among the tropical regions and especially for darker skin tones laser toning treatment has been found to be very effective

Laser facial toning uses a cosmetic revision process to help the skin earn back the desirable face tone. It works at a very deep skin layer gives a nutrient-rich skin. Also called as ray laser skin toning, it can get rid of all the dead cell layer of the skin and give a natural looking skin glow with an exotic, cleaner, and younger looking skin.

Pale and damaged looking skin can be treated using the laser toning to regain its lost charm. It can also help in boosting the skin vitality with vitamin-rich laser treatment.

Suitable candidates for Laser Toning

This procedure can be useful for any type of skin. However, some measures need to be taken before the procedure such as:

Laser Toning Treatment Procedure

The treatment procedure uses the energy of a low fluence laser beam on the skin to be treated, which is targeted for a few microseconds. The beam of laser is of a specific wavelength that can treat pigmentation present deep inside the skin. When the laser is passed through the inner layers of the skin it also heats the skin coats. The procedure allows the skin to elicit collagen production, which is the layer that keeps the skin cells intact and tight together. Thus, it helps the skin to stay young, soft and renewed.

What are the Typical Areas Treated?

It restores our skin’s capacity to regain the skin luster.

What care is required Before and After the Procedure?

Before Laser toning

Planning before laser toning does not require very specific precautions. However, the pre-treatment protocol may include some basic regulations such as avoiding direct sun exposure as much as you can right before the procedure.
Depending on the skin sensitivity, the doctor might also recommend someone to follow this step for two weeks before the procedure. A patch test on an area of the skin may be done to check the level of sensitivity of the skin before having this procedure.

After Laser toning

After laser treatments, the doctors may give a list of dos and don’ts to use on the skin for couple of days to weeks based on the skin type. However, as a rule it is preferable to avoid sun exposure before and after this procedure. Using a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen on the treated areas every two hours is recommended to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation. Avoid using any harsh scrubs or soaps over the treated skin. Also make sure to not rub or scratch these treated areas

How does it work on the face?

It improves the texture of the skin and reduces acne. Not only that it can be very effective on any or all of these issues on the face as well as body: Laser toning can regenerate your skin’s healing ability to address the following skin issues:
Dark spots or blemishes, acne scars, sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines, birthmarks, dark circles, spider veins, melasma, Saggy eyelid skin, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and texture, unwanted hair, smokers line, skin tightening, and vascular lesions.

Is Laser toning Permanent?

The results of laser toning are long-lasting and can stay for the largest periods of time than the regular creams and peels. With the help of a balanced diet, proper water intake, healthy lifestyle, and a proper daily skincare routine the results of the laser toning procedures can sustain permanently.

How Many Sittings of procedure Required?

It requires a minimum of 8 to 12 sittings or can be according to prescribed number by your dermatologist for your skin pain points. It usually requires 4-6 sessions normally. However, the results can be seen as soon as after 3 sessions. Melasma patients may require a minimum of 10-12 sessions with an interval of two weeks for seeing results.

How Much Gap is required Between Two Procedures?

The skin needs a 6-9 weeks gap between every sitting, although depending on the skin tone and type it could be anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks also.

What are the advantages & Dis Advantages of the Laser Toning Procedure?

Although laser toning can be the answer to many problems, it has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them:



Are There Any Precautions?

Make sure there is no sun exposure and no scrubbing or sponging of the skin. And make certain that your skin is fully hydrated. It is always better to take a dermatologist’s advice before this treatment for your particular skin type.
Dr. Praneeth is very well experienced in Laser toning treatment and can give the right advice along with his expert team before you take the step towards the treatment. During the consultation, our team of medical experts examine your skin and suggest the best option according to your specific skin type and pain points with all the necessary information of the procedures and treatments in detail.