Best Non-surgical Anti-aging Treatments in Hyderabad

Best Non-surgical Anti-aging Treatments in Hyderabad In the pursuit of eternal youth and beauty, Hyderabad has developed into a center for non-invasive anti-aging therapies that deliver outstanding outcomes without the need of intrusive operations. At Dr. Praneeth’s Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic located at KPHB Colony, we are dedicated to presenting you with the most […]
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How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

  What is dandruff? Dandruff is a common condition in all human beings during which the skin on the scalp starts to flake. Seborrhea is the medical name for dandruff, and this condition weakens your scalp at first because it is caused by poor hair brushing, stress, and dry skin. This condition is not contagious […]
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Types of Acne

Types of Acne and How to Treat Them

Treating a pimple can really be a headache, and not knowing the cure for this is always a huge problem. Having acne is a gender-less and adult-teenage problem. There are multiple ways by which these pimples come up. Here is some information that can help with acne, and some causes. what is Acne? It is […]
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